The Next window we will discuss is the Registration Button that is must use when your quarter registration. Its Important to follow the steps as indicated on the i.e. you must register for the quarter first before selecting the courses or its a must you register for the quarter for the courses you have selected. Special students may be exempted from some of this process.

The sequence is outlined next:

Clicking on the Registration Tab you get a scroll down that has steps to be followed when registration

Quarter register - This is the first window that creates your registration status.

Residence Selection The next important window is the residence selection which is another important window that must be selected to define your residence status.

The above window indicates that the student is an off campus because there is no option for Men and Ladies Dorm. If you want to change from the above status you must consult with your student dean for the status to be changed. Under this window you select the right residence.

NOTE Students that are in Ladies or Mens Dorm must Select the room Number after selecting the there residence.

SELECT COURSE shows courses to register for the quarter. Courses that appear on this window checks on your checklist and displays courses that you have not done or done and not passed being offered that particular quarter as shown below if you feel that you need to add more courses you check with special selection on the department.

CHECKLISTING Every student must have a checklist that when joining Baraton that governs the student registration for quarter courses.

SELECTED COURSES This window shows the courses you have registered for that quarter and hours its normally advisable to confirm with this window before you finish registration.

SPECIAL SELECTION This works same as select course but does not check on your checklist instead it displays all courses that are offered on that particular quarter in different departments.

Every department has course list just click on the button indicated go to access courses listed under that department after which one can select course to register.

SELECTED TIMETABLE - Selected timetable window shows the selected timetable for the student in that quarter, its better to note that a timetable clash will not allow any registration to complete so a student is required to check that no whatsoever time is clashing (Timetable clashing is a message you get when a timetable clashes).

  • The asterix indicates the day the course is being offered

  • CLOSE REGISTRATION - Immediately after finishing your course selection a student is required to close the registration, reason for closing registration is to confirm your registration for approval from (Major advisor, Student dean). A student is NOT required to go and seek finance approval unless asked to by the system.

    How to close Registration when you click close registration of your registration menu as indicated below you get such like window

    Then the next window is which actually confirms your registration closed is below where you are supposed to click on the close registration

    Failure to click on close registration your registration will still be open hence you wont get registration approvals and printout.

    REGISTRATION STATUS After completing your registration its a requirement to check if the required approvals are done and the print-out is ready.

    What is must for your registration to complete?
    • Make sure you have settled your fees in advance
    • Your selected timetable is not clashing (Time changes are done by the course Lecturer and Timetabling Office).
    • Check your degree details are accurate according to your admission letter unless changed by the registrar of records.
    • Make sure your registration is closed by checking on your registration status

    Warning: it is your responsibility to Log-Out of the online registration system. Failure to do so may result in unauthorized access to your records, as well as to other confidential information.