Online Registration Tutorial:

University of Easter African, Baraton (UEAB) is a University of Higher learning that was started in October 1978 with classes began in January, 1980 and the University being chartered on 28th March 1991. From its inception the university has been providing holistic Christian quality Education for over 5000 students who have been to the institution. In the time UEAB has been operating it has grown tremendously from having less than one hundred students per session to having over two thousand five hundred per session. The growth has lead UEAB to get a more efficient way to manage its operations by having an on line registration process. The primary objectives for this work are:

  • Increase in efficiency and capacity in processing data leading to fast, relevant and accurate information. This will also maximize information value in UEAB and cross-organisations.
  • Reduction in cost due to less time and stationary wastage in registration, less labour requirement in data processing and reduction in money looses caused by late student billing.
  • Increase in revenue by better advertising the university program online.
  • These factors will lead to the increase of the universities operational efficiency, capacity and revenue.

This can be achieved by capturing most of the information to a computer system at source then having the various computer systems exchanging data and information. This would reduce repeated manual data processing and increase data verification capacity.

  • Clear studentís registration for class.
  • View/print student GPA reports
  • Check your lecturers details
  • View Class list
  • View/print a copy of your class and exam time table
  • Provision of an Online Alumnae Database that can be queried selectively, e.g. by potential employers.
  • Posting of Lecture Timetables, Class Lists, Grading Information.
  • Introduction of Online Student Applications.
  • Dynamic Publishing of Degree Programs and Course Information.
  • Username and password from Ueab administrator
  • Working Internet connection
Warning: it is your responsibility to Log-Out of the online registration system. Failure to do so may result in unauthorized access to your records, as well as to other confidential information.