School ID SCTE
School Name Science and Technology
Philosopy PHILOSOPHY Recognizing that God is the Creator and Sustainer of all nature, we believe that He has endowed us with the ability to understand nature and nature?s laws and that it is our duty to use this knowledge in the stewardship of the Earth?s resources and in service to God and humankind.
Vision VISION Through excellence in teaching and research, the School of Science and Technology will produce high-quality graduates, with the requisite technical skills and moral values to provide strong academic, professional and moral leadership within their respective disciplines.
Mission MISSION To train our students in the basic sciences and in their technological applications so that, they can better serve God and humanity through the conservation of Earth?s resources and through the alleviation of ignorance, poverty, hunger, and disease in East/ Central Africa, and beyond.
Objectives OBJECTIVES In harmony with the Philosophy, Mission and Vision of the School of Science and Technology our objectives are to: 1. Emphasize God as our Creator Sustainer, Source of all knowledge and Restorer of our relation to Himself, and, in turn, our responsibility to worship Him and to be worthy stewards of His beneficence in our service to humankind. 2. Recruit and maintain an academically and technically competent and morally sound international faculty who can witness to the Christian principles for which the University stands. 3. Admit students from diverse religious and ethnic communities and national backgrounds to provide for that cultural diversity needed for a challenging and stimulating academic environment. 4. Provide a service-oriented academic community within which the student can gain knowledge and develop skills, attitudes and values that promote respect for others and encourage a service-oriented philosophy. 5. Respond to the needs of the constituent communities by producing highly-qualified graduates, with strong moral values, and equipped with current knowledge and skills to make them competitive in the job market. 6. Promote those applications and that research, within the various disciplines represented in the School, needed for improving the quality of human life through sustainable development. 7. Provide an academic environment that emphasizes current trends and advocates critical-thinking and research. 8. Promote freedom of inquiry and expression within the framework Seventh-day Adventist philosophy. 9. Provide technical knowledge and transfer technologies to the constituent communities and industry.
Details DEGREES AND DIPLOMAS OFFERED BY THE SCHOOL 1. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Agriculture 2. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Agri-Business 3. Bachelor of Science in Biology a. Biomedical Option b. Biotechnology Option c. Conservation Biology d. General Biology Option 4. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Chemistry a. Analytical Chemistry b. Biochemistry Option c. General Chemistry d. Industrial Chemistry with Management 5. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Child and Family 6. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Clothing and Textiles 7. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Foods and Nutrition 8. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Nutrition and Dietetics 9. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Mathematics 10. Bachelor of Science (BST) in Automotive 11. Bachelor of Science (BST) in Electronics a. Communication Option b. Industrial Option MINORS 1. Minor in Agriculture 2. Minor in Biology 3. Minor in Chemistry 4. Minor in Family and Consumer Science Courses 5. Minor in Mathematics 6. Minor in Physics