School ID SCHS
School Name Health Science
Philosopy PHILOSOPHY Jesus is the healer of broken bodies, minds, and souls. He has commissioned us to continue in His healing ministry through education, service, and research until He comes. The students in this school will be educated and trained to serve humanity as qualified health professionals who can skillfully identify, treat, and prevent disease. They will also be proficient in providing spiritual comfort and hope, and in teaching principles for better living within their communities.
Vision VISION The vision of the school of Health Sciences is to, be a school that is noted for excellence in training health professionals who are committed to the prevention of disease, and the restoration and promotion of health.
Mission MISSION The mission of the School of Health Sciences is to prepare health professionals whose values are Christ centred, and who re competent in the delivery of health care services, teaching, and research.
Objectives OBJECTIVES The graduates from the School of Health Sciences should be competent health care givers because they have received the best training for service to God and humanity. They should be able to: 1. Apply a holistic approach to their health practices in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention of disease, and promotion of health. 2. Demonstrate professional responsibility towards their client 3. Utilize their knowledge in providing spiritual care as well as attending to the physical needs of their clients. 4. Conduct research that would improve the provision of Health care services 5. Assume leadership roles in healthcare 6. Excel in training and educating health-care givers, and equipping them with professional skills for safe and ethical practice. 7. Actively participate in the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of health care policies. 8. Collaborate with other organizations and agencies in the delivery of health care 9. Work effectively to fulfil the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
Details DEGREES AND DIPLOMAS OFFERED BY THE SCHOOL MASTERS Master of Science (MSc.N) in Nursing BACHELORS 1. Bachelor of Science (BSc.N) in Nursing 2. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Medical Laboratory Sciences 3. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Public Health MINOR Minor in Public Health