School ID EDUC
School Name Education
Philosopy PHILOSOPHY The School of Education operates on the Seventh-day Adventist world view which holds that God is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe and life and is the source of true knowledge. The entrance of sin caused man?s alienation from God; therefore, the restoration of man?s relationship with God is the foundation of Christian education. This leads students into self-actualization and to discover and understand the truth through critical thinking.
Vision VISION The School of Education envisions being a leading centre of excellence in higher education and research producing world-class teachers, counsellors, Curriculum experts, school administrators and psychologists equipped with moral virtues.
Mission MISSION The school of Education provides and advances a wholistic quality Christian education which develops men and women to be earnest seekers of truth and equips them with appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes for service to God and humanity.
Objectives EXPECTED LEARNING OUTCOMES Graduates of the School of Education should be able to: 1. Provide counselling skills needed in the contemporary society; 2. Teach in primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions of learning; 3. Uphold sound professional ethics for counsellors, teachers, curriculum planners, and educational administrators; 4. Lead educational institutions and organizations; 5. Design and develop documents on curriculum at school, district, county, national and regional levels; 6. Carry out and supervise research work with intentions to create new and relevant knowledge
Details DEGREES AND DIPLOMAS OFFERED BY THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY 1. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education with specialization in Educational Administration; 2. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education with specialization in Curriculum and Teaching. MASTER OF EDUCATION 1. Master of Education (MEd) with specialisation in Educational Administration; 2. Master of Education (MEd) with specialisation in Curriculum and Teaching. POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA ? Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) BACHELORS 1. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Counselling Psychology 2. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) - Arts 3. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) - Science MINORS 1. Minor in Counselling Psychology 2. Minor in Health Psychology 3. Minor in Psychology DIPLOMAS 1. Diploma in Adult Education 2. Diploma in Education 3. Diploma in Counselling Psychology CERTIFICATE ? Certificate in Counselling Psychology PRE - UNIVERSITY ? Bridging programme