Majors Name Core Go
Music Education Yes
Certificate in Community Development Yes
Certificate in Counselling Psychology Yes
NGO Management and Leadership Yes
Diploma in Community Development Yes
Development Studies Yes
Diploma in Guidance and Counseling Yes
Diploma in Counselling Psychology Yes
Community Development Yes
Diploma in Music No
Education Arts in Music Yes
Counseling Psychology Yes
English Language No
Enviromental Studies No
French Yes
Geography Yes
History Yes
Human Resource Management Yes
Kiswahili Yes
English Linguistics Yes
Literature Yes
Minor Counseling No
Minor Developmental Studies No
Minor Environmental Studies No
Minor French No
Minor Geography No
Minor Health Psychology No
Minor History No
Minor Kiswahili No
Minor English Language No
English Literature No
Minor Linguistics No
Minor in Literature No
Minor Music No
Minor Political Science No
Minor Psychology No
Arts in Music Yes
Music Yes
Post Graduate Diploma in Guidence & Counseling No
And Or